Plutinsus joins IBPDI

BuildingMinds, RICS, Microsoft and pom+ have come together to form the International Building Performance and Data Initiative (IBPDI) on February 27, 2020. The object is to create the “International Building Performance & Data Standard”, consisting of the “International Building Operations Standard” (IBOS) and the Common Data Model for Real Estate.

Plutinsus is joining this important initiative as a member of the Digital Building Twin cluster. The various IBPDI clusters cover the data that is related to the operation phase of a building. Such a comprehensive standard will drive innovation and reduce the cost to implement smarter buildings that are more energy-efficient and have a lower cost of maintenance.

Kick-off of the Energy Data Working Group

The Energy Data Working Group has been officially kicked off at the Forum in Berne on July 4, 2019. It’s goal is the exchange of ideas on how to increase the use of energy data among energy companies, politics, research group, private companies and interested individuals. The group will organize the annual Energy Data Hackdays as well as regular meetings with presentations about specific topics.

Plutinsus has been supporting the formation of the Energy Data Working Group and will continue to contribute to the various activities.