Plutinsus is a research-driven technology start-up that develops innovative data science applications to turn complexities into opportunities. The challenge in this area is to integrate data from a large variety of data sources (fully structured tables, tree-style documents, graph-based networks, geographical maps) in an agile and flexible way with no change to the software required. This data then needs to be made available to all relevant stakeholders – from expert users to sporadic users – in order to help them understand causes and foresee effects.

There is a growing demand for such advanced analytical capabilities, and so the small, entrepreneurial Plutinsus team wants to move forward faster. Everyone makes an impact as progress is all that matters. And progress is needed as Plutinsus moves along the cutting edge and continues to invest in research. Members of the Plutinsus team have been working at various high-tech start-ups for many years, both in Silicon Valley and in Switzerland, are experienced in business and technology consulting, and financial services, and have studied and done research at Stanford University and at universities in Switzerland.

Do you want to be part of this technology innovation?


Plutinsus is looking for a permanent member to join the team.

Entrepreneurial smart infrastructure expert


Plutinsus looking for two interns to join the team.

JavaScript and user interface software engineer with an interest in map visualization

JavaScript and NodeJS software engineer with an interest in data science and graphs