Plutinsus builds and licenses use case-specific business applications to help their users better understand future and current risks and opportunities.

Plutinsus’ technology foundation

Can you see the forest and the trees?

Plutinsus doesn’t know where your analysis will lead you.

But it can give you the tools to go where you need to go.

A superior degree of interactivity let’s you

  • Get an overview and explore all the details – choose your level of abstraction
  • Compare any aspects of your data – no matter how many there are
  • Choose the right visualization – tables, charts, maps, graphs, schemas … you name it
  • Make the context explicit – because it is important and not always obvious
  • Trace the origins and the derivations that yielded these figures – because trust is good and checking is better

Wherever you go – bring a map!

Plutinsus explicitly includes all the business, technical, mathematical, geographic and other relationships among your data, so you always know where you are and what your possible next steps could be.

Make everyone a data hero!

  • Support both analysis experts and sporadic users in their tasks with specific functionality
  • Integrate with other web-based applications – and bring data analysis right to where it is needed
  • Used it in the cloud or on-premise – because data is everywhere
  • Reduce the TCO – so you don’t have to worry about it
  • Access a large variety of data sources easily and quickly – no data should be left behind
  • Stay agile – build on Plutinsus’ flexibility, speed and reliability

Plutinsus focuses on two use case-specific applications for energy service infrastructure

Use case 1: Problem and incident analysis

Use case 2: Medium- and long-term planning