Turn the growing business and technical complexities into an opportunity!

We are creating smart grids, smart utilities, smart districts and cities, and smart buildings in order to gain efficiencies that have not been possible before..

The growing complexity that results from an ever tighter integration of the various technical components and business partners and an ever smarter coordination among them can easily turn into a risk.

Those who find the appropriate ways to manage these risks can take advantage of these new opportunities from the envisioned efficiency gains.

Plutinsus provides the tools to help businesses understand their current and future risks that arise from these complexities.

Incident analysis

  • Am I alarmed for all relevant incidents?
  • Can I find out about the root cause in time for an appropriate response?
  • How can I share these findings, so everyone is smarter afterwards?
  • Consequently, which changes should I initiate?

Am I in control?

Planning & forecasting

  • What will the future be like based on my assumptions?
  • What are worst- and best-case scenarios?
  • Are last year’s conclusions and decisions still valid today?
  • How can I trust these ever more sophisticated forecasting models?

Am I doing the right thing?


Many industries experience a great level of complexity due to their commercial setup, distribution networks, technical infrastructure or logistical processes. This complexity is only increasing when digitalization connects ever more systems with each other internally and businesses with their supply chains externally.

Plutinsus therefore focuses on specific industries.


Plutinsus enables effective and efficient risk analysis and monitoring by offering advanced software solutions for the interactive analysis of data with explicit consideration to the technical, financial or business structure.

The benefit of Plutinsus’ technology is a superior agility for a significantly lower total cost of ownership.

Plutinsus teams up with other innovative partners to provide specific solutions.


Plutinsus is a research-driven technology start-up that develops innovative data science applications to turn complexities into opportunities.

Working at Plutinsus means driving on the fast lane, moving along the cutting edge and pushing the envelop. This comes with taking risks and celebrating successes.

Do you want to be part of this technology innovation? Then join us!