“Electrojoule Heating System Manager powered by Plutinsus” awarded “SmartGridready” label

Electrojoule specializes in advanced diagnostic methods of heating and cooling systems in buildings in order to make the operation and maintenance of such systems more efficient, effective and climate friendly. Plutinsus has been developing the software for interactive infrastructure diagnostics that is powering Electrojoule’s Heating System Manager. As part of this collaboration, Plutinsus has completed the beta tests to fulfill the requirements for the “SmartGridready” label. Electrojoule and Plutinsus are among the first companies to receive the official confirmation of self-declaration for systems with the “SmartGridready” label.

Wolfram Willuhn (Plutinsus – middle) with SmartGridready President Jürg Grossen (left) and Managing Director Stefan Minder (right)

The successful implementation of the energy transition requires Smart Grids. The association “SmartGridready” has been founded on 29th March 2019 and develops standards and a certification in order to support the connectivity of electrical devices with the distribution grid and energy resources.
This standardization helps to reduce the cost and effort to implement innovative solutions to control and monitor multi-vendor energy systems. Based on the work of SmartGridready, Plutinsus can enable novel business services such as Electrojoule’s heating system maintenance.